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Venus in Libra Oct. Libra rising will feel this most as it is a Malavya Yoga but Capricorns and Aquarian will benefit greatly from it as will Geminis and Virgos. Pluto is going stationary direct early on Thursday and is very powerful in the sky.

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Pluto is connected with power and transformation and in extreme cases death of the old so that the new can arise. The cocoon has be destroyed so that the butterfly can emerge. With Venus at the deepest point of debilitation today at 28 degrees Virgo, it is also a dark time still but Venus moves into Libra into Thursday and is strong by Friday and the lighter energy of the Nine Days starts coming to blossom.

Mercury transits into Libra Sept. Mercury is comfortable in Libra and the transit is mostly unafflicted except by a trine from Rahu which is influential Oct. Venus will join Mercury in Libra Oct. If you were born with Mercury in Libra you tend to be fun-living, friendly, courteous, creative and humanist and have deep interest in artistic expression, comedy and the artistic side of the intellect such as an art or film critic might have.

Good transit for creative writing of poetry, songs, video production and blog writing and web design. Some of these qualities will come out in transit particularly for Virgo and Gemini rising and also Libra rising. A special time of year begins on Sunday, September 29th with the new moon in Virgo, Navaratri. These 9 days and nights begin from the first day of the journey of new moon towards its fullness. Each day the sap of our energy rises chakra by chakra to reach the crown.

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She has made up her mind to rise from the great earth below to the heavens above. She is invincible and immovable like the great Himalayas itself. Sri is a name for Lakshmi and is calculated based upon the degrees of the moon from the lagna and its placement in your chart reveals where Lakshmi is placed in your chart.

The Sri Lagna shows the level of comfort our prosperity is giving to us in life. An exalted or debilitated owner of the Sri Lagna will endow one with wealth. Planets conjunct the Sri Lagna will give wealth and this can be calculated using one of the alternative dashas called Sudasha. Click below for full article and a chance to sign up for free class on Sunday, Oct. Wealth is more than physical money as we have discussed in previous articles on the eight aspects of Lakshmi which include courage, success, the ability to manifest your desire, knowledge of your inner source and health.

Venus in Vedic Astrology

Note:- Moon does not cause vedha to Mercury in other words Moon and Mercury are not mutually afflictive. Even if a planet transits a favorable sign, he does not do any good if he occupies an inimical or debilitation sign or is associated with or aspected by an inimical planet.

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Even if planets occupy favorable Gochara positions, they do not contribute well if they are afflicted by vedha. Similarly though the vedha sign may be unfavorable, a planet situated there being counter afflicted by a planet occupying its vedha rashi does no evil but offers only good. It is to be always remembered that Transits concepts should not be used in isolation; they should always be used as a complimentary system to the dashas.

Those astrologers who claims to predict just on the basis of transits are either fooling the general public and themselves or are clever enough to use transitory system with dasha system and announcing falsely that they only uses transitory system. In the beginning of the month you may have adamant attitude and may also face some monetary problems but after 15th September the situation will change gradually You will also feel relaxed at your work place or at professional front. You should avail the opportunity for growth of your profession as you may get the support of your higher authorities You are running some positive transit during this month.

Mars in sixth house along with Sun and Mercury is good. Saturn is also transiting in eleventh house This transit will give favorable results for those who are born with Taurus, Aquarius and Libra as their Moon sign. Discord in relations and the health of spouse will be cause of concern. Relief in this regard can be expected only after 17th June. Beginning of the month may also cause financial problem Actually, we are afraid of losing our belongings and possessions or our relationship which we might have earned or accumulated due to greed, dishonesty or bad karmas.

Saturn is known as judge and teacher This transit will have good results for some Signs and bad and unfavorable results for other Signs. Moon sign born in Taurus, Libra and Capricorn will get favorable result of this transit In the beginning of month you will feel enthusiastic and would have a desire to enjoy the life. Sources of income will be available The native may get involved in the business of land, houses or conveyances. He will be satisfied with his status. He will be able to accumulate the luxurious household items and will find out further scope for growth in his profession Well placed or exalted Saturn gives better chances of desired job or profession particularly in the field Atmosphere at the home may not be cordial and some misunderstanding may cause confusion.

Disappointment and obstruction at your work place may give you stress Their emotional attachment and family value ensure a happy and successful love affair. Cancer born has forgiveness in their nature. They do not believe in taking revenges They follow certain fixed principles in life.

They do not have flexible nature. They are determined in their thoughts The people governed by Saturn are generally serious by nature and are goal-oriented. Here are the general predictions of Shani in different houses of a chart. Here are the general predictions of Rahu in different houses of a chart Such Saturn also effect the married life and person has to face many hurdles, struggles, disputes and court cases also Romance is indicated in a horoscope when Venus is in union with the Ascendant and is placed in one of these house i. There is no middle path for Rahu.

If Rahu is favorable in the chart, he can raise a beggar to the status Main reason which contributes to this problem is high expectations from married life If Sun is malefic, the native starts losing his wealth No new cloth should also be worn on this day. In case Mars is negative, Red Coral This planet signifies sexuality and comforts in the life of native.

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If a person has weak or afflicted Venus in his chart, he may suffer from weak sexual power Career wise each house has its own importance. Planets indicate the nature of career a person would like to choose It is observed that these yogas affect the life of an individual by giving some sort of results, positive or negative If he is already in job, when he will get promotion or change in his profession Rotating on their own axis and orbiting around sun, millions of miles away from our earth, do they truly control our destiny? Saturn is a slow moving planet emitting blue color. Saturn is generally known for obstacles Marriage related and other such problems are being dealt herein with possible solutions Everyone experiences depression and stress in his life.

But we soon come out from this state due to our thinking process and efforts Native with Libra Ascendant will have the qualities of Venus. They love beauty, art, music and nature. They believe in love and for them love is God When Jupiter is posited in Trikona or Kendra with the lord of 5th house, it bestows good results in respect of education In Vedic Astrology, Moon and Ascendant have been given significant role in predicting the future events Similarly, if the Lord of seventh house and Venus are well placed and have the aspect of benefic planets, an early marriage is possible Hands are fleshy in particular.

Eyes are shining. Black portion of eyes is dark black Taurus indicates career related to luxury goods, cosmetics, fashion designing etc.

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  • Gemini denotes communication. As such fields like journalism, media, accountants, representation on other's behalf suits them the most In Vedic Astrology, match making has been given high importance to avoid such incidence which may create problems in future married life relations In a horoscope, seventh house indicate the house of spouse. Fourth house from seventh i.

    Nature of planets posited there may indicate the nature of mother-in-law Simple Yoga comprises of certain special poses and deep breathing Relations in married life are improved and the wearer gets co-operations from spouse Wearing Pearl can help in curing these diseases It is equally useful for those who are involved in hypnotism and meditation Astrology Article Categories. Prediction Aries Taurus Gemini. Know Your Lucky Gems.

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