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More by Phunware, Inc. Don't pay for more info unless you truly want to. With that disclaimer out of the way, here are some online sites that are good bets for finding your Aquarius monthly horoscope:. This site is run by famed astrologer Susan Miller, who is extremely talented when it comes to peering into the tea leaves. In addition to her fantastic monthly horoscopes four pages plus , you also have the option of seeing her in-person.

After you've finished reading your Aquarius horoscope for the current month, simply scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll find her "Appearances" section. The way it works is that she'll tell you where she'll be usually at a Barnes-N-Noble or an Apple Store , the time and the date. All you have to do is show up and ask a question. The best part about all of this, save for transportation costs, is that it's free.

On the other hand, if you're unable to attend one of the sites she's visiting, then you have the option of taking part in a Telechat.

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Enjoy yourself as you find out again and again that the process is the reward. And between July 25 and Aug. OK, nobody likes doing things that are hard or difficult, but that doesn't mean you can just not do them at all. Change can be particularly scary and hard for a Virgo, especially considering how darn critical of yourself and others you can be. But Virgo, if it's time to quit your job, or move out of your apartment, or finally start up that exercise habit again because your muscles are aching, you just need to buckle down and freaking do it.

Remember, Saturn in Capricorn is all about growing up, whether you feel like you're "ready" for that or not. Change is afoot, so remind yourself that these uncomfortable feelings are not going to last forever.

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A little discomfort now might mean a lot of reward in the long run. Saturn is in your sign, baby, which is bringing everything and more to the surface for you. Get excited, Capricorn! This is a time of change, maturing, growth, lessons, fun, the whole nine yards. Keep in mind though, Saturn can't do it all for you, so you will need to rise to the occasion and do the damn thing. No one is going to put in the work for you to cultivate the career, the relationships, and the spiritual foundations you desire for a fulfilling life.

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Saturn just left your sign, so you were pretty busy these last few years learning some difficult life lessons. Now, it's time to take what Saturn has taught you, and make some mindful decisions on how best to move forward. Maybe that seems daunting, but I believe in you, Sag. You've got this. From Nov. Keep your wits about you, and just stay put for a minute, OK?

Pisces, dear, consider the relationships that really add positivity to your life. The new year isn't just a time to cleanse yourself of toxic connections although that's always a good idea ; it's also about strengthening and recognizing the kinds of relationships that support your overall well-being.

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Saturn wants you to be as strong as you can be, from the inside out. When feelings of insecurity creep up, thank them for reminding you why you don't need them anymore. The coming year is simply asking you to consider how you spend your time and precious energy, Scorpio. This might just serve as a reminder that being with the people you love is more important than working those extra hours at the office. Go where it's warm, and take notice of what ruins that positive energy for you.

Aquarius September 2019 Astrology Horoscope Forecast

Embrace the good and reject the bad, in all facets of life. You've got a Mercury retrograde period headed toward your sign between Nov. Libra, you've learned so much from your past — so much so that it's sometimes haunted you. You've spent time coming to terms with how the past has imprinted itself on you, and what that means for the development of your character. So now, as the planets shift in , this is a time for you to let go of what doesn't serve, and double down on what does.

Doing so will help you feel lighter, both mentally and physically, and you'll be able to go deeper into your own life.