Sagittarius horoscope sign description

The horoscope ruler of the Sagittarius Zodiac sign is Jupiter, the planetary force of expansion, new experiences and opportunities. It can be described as the planet of luck, to the extent that there is such a thing. The Sagittarius astrological sign wants to be receptive to what Jupiter might offer, or for that matter any opportunity arising in life. For that, freedom and independence are essential. Sagittarius is a mutable horoscope sign, which normally means a follower.

The symbol for the Sagittarius horoscope sign is that of the centaur, the legendary creature who was half man, half horse. The centaurs were famous for their archery, which also connects them to the Sagittarius Zodiac sign. Sagittarians are extremely independent. They are honest and optimistic in life. They know that there is an away out of everything. They love their freedom.

They always smile and have a great sense of humor. You will never feel bored, if you are with a Sagittarian. They are highly philosophical. They love themselves and often comment harsh words against others, but you can count it as their straightforwardness. Sagittarians are honest and dedicated workers.

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They are the inventors. Sagittarians are obsessed with themselves. They love themselves so much that sometimes, they get carried away with the thought that they are the greatest living being on this earth.


They are unemotional and reckless. Sometimes, you may amaze how cold they can be.

Sagittarius Personality

If you hurt them, you cannot escape their rude and harsh words. Sagittarians often want to hide away from responsibilities in family life, and for this reason; you cannot leave a serious task to them solely. Ambitious : Sagittarians are highly ambitious. They never give up, until they do it.

No matter, if they are upset or remorseful, they will finish their target at any means. Optimistic : Sagittarians are optimistic.

Sagittarius Traits

They will keep on trying until they meet with success. They are very positive in life. They know that their luck is with them, and time is all, which matters. Their positive attitude makes them strongest.

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Helpful : Sagittarians are very helpful in every sphere of their lives. If they see someone, close to them, needs help, they jump to help them without even a second thought. If you are in distress, your Sagittarian friend is there for you. Restless : Sagittarians are very often described as impatient.

They lose their temperament very easily, which gives birth to uneasiness around them. Sometimes their restlessness often turns to aggressiveness. They are always eager to jump to conclusions. Leader : Sagittarians are born leaders.

21 Secrets Of The Sagittarius Personality… - Zodiac Fire

They do not hesitate to make the first step to set the trend. They are good organizers, which excel with their determination and optimism. They do not lose their smile while dealing with the weirdest problems. The Sagittarians are gifted with many positive qualities.

They are recognized as the most active sign of the zodiac chart. Strengths — Sagittarius is an adventurer, both physically and mentally. People born in this Sun sign have a broad mind and they are able to change perspective with ease, until they find the right version of words spoken, events or reasons for anything they want to examine. Highly adjustable and with a deep understanding for different people, nations, countries, governments and in general — ways of life, they blend in perfectly with the natives, wherever they are. Movement will fill up their batteries, energize them and make them confident and strong.

21 Secrets Of The Sagittarius Personality…

Independent, optimistic and sincere, this is a friend you want in your life, especially if you need someone to help you find hope or a purpose to anything that troubles you. Weakness — The greatest weakness of Sagittarius is their inability to find focus. With such a broad vision, it is not easy to pay too much attention to details, be practical and narrow down their sentences to be understandable and unambiguous.

As a consequence of their faith in the goodness of human kind, these individuals will often end up disappointed or challenged, and their faith has to be built up from a point of deep understanding, or they have a tendency to turn into inflexible, grumpy people who had high hopes, once. A Sagittarius will be someone you want in your life at any given moment in case their fiery nature lets them rest and they build up patience and compassion for everyone around them. Depending on their upbringing, these individuals can be incredibly positive, literally bringing good to the world and lives of others, while passionately fighting for your shared beliefs.

On the down side, they speak their mind often without too much consideration, and lack tact, tenderness and maturity. Their smile can keep you alive in a time of need, as much as it can annoy you at times of rest. As partners - In romantic relationships, this is not a sign that brings promise of a lasting bond. Even though many Sagittarius representatives search for their soulmate, as if this one person is supposed to give meaning to their entire life, they will try out different relationships just to discover that practical love is not the same as their imaginary one.

They need a partner who will fill their lives with adventure, or at least follow them in theirs, and there is probably nothing that can kill their spirit as much as a static routine, laundry done on weekends and reading newspaper each morning at the same time. As parents - they will usually seem perfectly connected to their playful child. The problem that might arise in lives of these parents hides in their unrealistic expectations, and their need to see the world through pink goggles.

The Sagittarius Characteristics in Astrology

As children - Sagittarius is impossible not to love. Curious and wearing a smile, this is someone always prepared to learn, grow, and laugh in all of the inappropriate situations you can imagine. This little person will tell you all of the wrong things in the worst imaginable moments, but turn them into laughing, cute experiences for everyone in the room. They need a lot of space to build their personality, try out all sorts of things, and travel as much as they can.

Once they find direction and their true calling, they will study hard, keep their focus, and make everyone around them less worried for their wellbeing and their childish character. This is a sign that comes right after Scorpio and seems to have all the experience you can imagine when it comes to sex.

This is the reason why many Sagittarius representatives have many insignificant relationships before they reach a point of actually falling in love with someone.